Sunday, 13 July 2014

Colette Laurel Number 2!

So after my first attempt at making a Colette Laurel - I was dying to make another. This one was much easier as I knew what issues I might face! I'm so over the moon with the this one - it's so comfy, fits amazingly and I think looks really good!





  • I did put in a yellow neckline with bias binding (like the sleeves) but it just wouldn't sit right and was driving me bonkers. So I just sewed it down - and by magic it falls perfectly! 
  • Have you noticed the error I made? I cut out the back fabric upside down! So the front and back are slightly different. 


Colette Laurel Dress

Pattern: Colette Laurel 
Fabric: Bonkers print, cotton lawn from Fabricland
Size: 2 on the top, 4 on the bottom
Difficulty of pattern: 7/10 (sizing issues)
Happiness of end result: 8/10


This was my first attempt at making a Colette Laurel. I'd been eyeing it up for a while and seen lots of different variations. This was also my first go at sewing something other than cotton in a long time - and I absolutely love how mental this fabric is!


Considering this pattern was marked as easy I was a little disappointed. The pattern was written fantastically - and was incredibly easy to make but the sizing on the pattern was terrible. I cut a 2 on the top and a 4 on the bottom. However the sleeves ended up being far too small and I ended up drafting my own in the end - making them longer.


I also think that the darts need to be lower in the chest. They fall perfectly when you first put the dress on but I find that the dress ends up riding up and making the neckline higher (which in itself is fine) but the darts then end up too high!


However, I really love this dress. It's so comfortable and looks great with a belt too. I definitely learnt a lot from making it too including:

  • Don't cut the zipper off and end up having to just sew it in because you didn't really need it anyway
  • Cheap bias binding is itchy
  • With delicate fabrics you really need to finish all the edges or else it's basically going to fall apart 
  • Measure, measure and measure some more - it'll save time in the long run!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Mushroom Dress (aka New Look 6457)

Ok so I made this ages ago but since I haven't been blogging I wanted to share it as it's so cute! After my first dressmaking attempt, I went on to make the New Look 6457 again but in this gorgeous mushroom fabric.


It fits really nicely and I found it a lot easier to make the second time around.

I did a crap job of putting the zip in though!


Sewaholic Cambie Dress

Oh my goodness. Sewaholic is my new favourite pattern makers! They are so ridiculously easy to understand unlike most patterns. I love them!



I'd been eyeing up the Cambie for a while and I completely love it. My first version was in some fairly cheap cotton which I wasn't that fussed about when I bought it - but actually it works so well!

I love that this dress is fully lined and has pockets!

My second version was in this awesome dinosaur fabric I found.


It wasn't cheap and in typical fashion I proceeded to balls the dress up left right and centre. Stupid things like cutting the bodice fabric out upside down - and not having enough to cut it out again! So instead I had to sew two bits together - hence the seam in the front. I also didn't have enough material for the pockets so had to do them in black. I didn't bother to pattern match it - and the zip was a pig! The first cambie invisible zip went in like a dream but this one was terrible! I'm hoping it will ease over time - at the moment I have to get my husband to zip me in and out as it keeps getting caught. Any suggestions on how to avoid this with invisible zippers welcome!




The finished result however, I'm really happy with. It's so comfortable!

Oh hello there!

Wow - it's been a whole year since I've posted. Bonkers. Anyway - I kind of fell out of love with blogging but I'm back to use it as a place to talk about sewing and share my makes. So if you don't like sewing then this will probably bore the pants off you! Sorry!